Every day, good women make decisions about pregnancy. RECLAIM is committed to supporting women who choose abortion, encouraging communities to recognize the moral agency of women to make the decision whether or not to parent, and to challenge harmful policies, laws, and proposed legislation that would otherwise increase the barriers and stigma around abortion care. We join with many to say ENOUGH.  


Our Mission

The mission of RECLAIM is to empower women and communities to reclaim their moral goodness, reproductive rights, and access to reproductive healthcare.  RECLAIM will engage in advocacy, community outreach, and education to facilitate transformation of views of reproductive health in culture and society.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which we can all achieve the freedom of bodily autonomy and express our moral goodness without consequence.


Why is Our Work So Urgent?

The Michigan legislature continues to create more laws and policies that question a woman’s individual wisdom in making her own personal decisions about parenting. Each bill falsely assumes women and their families are not capable and do not have the right to make their own decisions about what is best for them and those they love. 

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Rather than addressing the economic needs of our State, the crumbling roads, and failing schools, too many of our elected officials are focused on a woman’s personal life decisions! They continue to shame, to add barrier after barrier, to deny, restrict, harass, and persecute those trying to access abortion care and the caring doctors and staff who keep jumping through unnecessary hoops to provide quality abortion care.

Our Team

RECLAIM founder, Renee Chelian, is the founder of Northland Family Planning Centers. She and RECLAIM Director Lara Chelian, JD, are working with communities throughout Michigan to provide quality abortion care that focuses on respect and compassion for all.