Anti-abortion terrorism is ever present in the lives of providers and patients accessing reproductive health services. Politicians are passing restrictions at growing rates and protesters stand outside clinics harassing patients with triggering language, graphic image, and inaccurate information to shame pregnant people accessing abortion care in greater numbers. Anti-abortion zealots terrorize providers with phone calls, mailings to the clinic, and have even resorted to intimidating staff members in their personal lives. In today's political climate, they feel emboldened. For example, in September 2017, Northland Family Planning's Sterling Heights office was invaded by anti-abortion protesters trespassing in the waiting rooms and refusing to leave.

Pledge a Picketer

So... Let's use the protesters actions to have a little fun. Reclaim's PLEDGE A PICKETER (running 2/14/18 -- 4/30/18) allows us to use the presence of protesters to our benefit. Similar campaigns have raised thousands of dollars for providers across the country.

When you pledge a picketer, you turn their deplorable actions into financial support for Reclaim's advocacy! To sweeten the deal, we will post your donations (anonymously... of course!) to let the protesters know how much they help us!

Here's how it works:

We have three giving options in our campaign:

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Even though anti-abortion activity is on the rise, we are RECLAIMING our space surrounding clinics. We refuse to be intimidated and terrorized, and Reclaim will continue to educate communities and politicians on the realities of the abortion experience and the people who need our care.

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