Throughout history, people have shared their stories to understand the unknown. We believe it is impossible to hate someone once you know their story.

Reclaim Needs YOUR Story

Everything about abortion is stigmatized. As a profession, as a decision, as a procedure. Reclaim educates politicians and communities about the realities of abortion access and care in Southeast Michigan and nationwide. As policies continue to restrict abortion care, advocates must continue to find creative avenues that change the conversation on abortion.

1 in 3 pregnant people will have an abortion in their lifetime, but where are their stories? Why is abortion so taboo when so many seek these services at some point in their life? Where are the stories of the loved ones who stood by their sides?

This is where Reclaim needs your help! In order to stop the hate and bust stigma around abortion, we need your stories. If you or someone you know had an abortion, we want to hear about it!

 What was your experience with abortion like, and what do you think it should be like for pregnant people in the future?

Your story does not have to be long, it doesn’t have to be emotional (although it certainly can be either of those things) and can be as simple as, “I had an abortion, and it was the best decision for me.”

Share Your Story

Submit your story using the form below or by emailing Real stories are important as we continue to fight for abortion access. Politicians must know what abortion has done for the lives of pregnant people. These stories can be submitted anonymously if you prefer. We can continue to bust stigma with your help. Share your story and start the conversations we need to keep abortion legal and accessible!

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