We honor and support the basic goodness and thoughtfulness of those making a pregnancy decision. Every day, good people make decisions for abortion. They are thoughtful and know best the time to choose parenting, adoption, or abortion. Everyone deserves honor, respect, dignity, and support in their pregnancy choice. NO stigma, NO shame.


What is Abortion Funding?

Our MI WIN Fund raises money to help Northland Family Planning Centers patients overcome the many barriers to high-quality abortion care. We know first-hand of the struggles many have in trying to access abortion care, such as:

  • Raising funds in time to have their abortion when income is low

  • Transportation to and from the clinic, which can be over 100 miles

  • Extended time away from work or family that can force long waits or job loss

  • Childcare needs when they may be gone for over 24 hours

If you need support paying for your abortion, contact us.

If you cannot cover the full cost of your abortion, and you are seeking services at Northland Family Planning, contact us by filling out this form. Someone will respond to your request by phone or email as soon as possible.

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